Autodesk Fusion Team (1 year)

Autodesk Fusion Team (1 year)

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Price inclusive of VAT, Software supplied as Electronic Download

What is Fusion Team?
Fusion Team is a cloud-based collaboration tool that enables product design and manufacturing teams to work efficiently together in one central workspace. Users can view, share and review 100+ 2D and 3D file formats from any device (including Inventor & Autocad), and increase engagement with their customers and supply chains. 500GB of storage is supplied with Fusion Team.

Who uses Fusion Team?
Fusion Team is built for product design and engineering teams and their project stakeholders including customers, manufacturers and their supply chain.

Where can I use Fusion Team?
Fusion Team is a cloud-based solution, so it works right within a web browser or mobile device. 


Software is supplied as download only

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