About Us

About Us

The Envisage Story - where it all began

It all began in 1994

Envisage was established by qualified engineers with over 25 years CAD/CAM experience. The company has in its life no turnover of staff, this shows our continual commitment to our clients.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to make our customers more productive and profitable by supplying solutions tailored to suit their particular needs."

Our People


Alan Bishop
email - alan@envisageuk.com

Alan, an engineer for 30 years, runs the sales department. Contact Alan for all your product, pricing & grant requirements.


Dave Whiteley

email - dave@envisageuk.com

Dave, an engineer for 25 years, takes most of our training courses & runs technical support. Dave also writes the customers' plug-ins for Autocad & Inventor.


Simon Davies

email - simon@envisageuk.com

Simon, a toolmaker by trade, is on-hand for technical support & training. Contact Simon for all your product & pricing needs.


Martin Howlett

email - martin@envisageuk.com

Martin has 25 years experience in technical sales. Contact Martin for all your product & pricing needs.




Jason Bishop Technical
email - jason@envisageuk.com

Jason installs & supports software, PC & network systems. Contact Jason for all your hardware requirements.